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Apologies to the many fans of Jasmine Close if you are waiting for the next part of Series Two, but I've been writing and producing a film.


The name of the film is 2 0 2 5 – The Movie?


Jasmine Close - Series One

Episodes 1-5 is now available to download Free on:

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The final part of Series One is here!

And Episode 25 is a feature length, double episode.


Jasmine Close

is a modern day

soap opera

brought to you in a modern day way. 

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Twenty Five Episodes 

Provided as 

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Beginning September 15th

Episodes 1-5

Follow the lives - Experience the drama!

Series One 

We published episodes 1 - 5 & 6 - 10 in September.

Episodes 11 - 15 available in October.  

   Episodes 16 - 20 available in November.

  Episodes 21 - 25 available in January 2014.

Each episode takes approx. 25 - 30 minutes to read.

Ideal for your lunch break or to read in bed.


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Series Two is here!

The shot rang out...

See what happens next!



Series Two begins where Series One ended. 
It’s Christmas Eve and the celebrations end abruptly. The thief who has been terrorising the elderly and the disabled is back. Jasmine Close is in chaos as the Police and Armed Response Support Unit arrive in force. 
Victoria’s marriage is in meltdown and the secret she carries is tearing her apart. Brett is back from Europe, but surely, for the sake of her daughter, Gemma, she must send him away? 
Miles is in full on stalking mode. Sonia is restless, Tammy is in danger, Annabel and Jack are still loved-up and Steve and Mary are facing serious charges. 
Melanie is back in Steve’s life and her Aunt Sharon seems to have forgiven him, or has she? 
Kim and Andrew have moved into the street along with their children. They both have emotional baggage, but are hoping for a happy future. 
Gail is homeless and facing stark choices. Can the New Year bring her a change in fortunes?

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